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Black Mesa: Launch Trailer (2020)

One final Black Mesa trailer to rule them all:

Black Mesa: Xen Teaser (2018)

James McVinnie and I are back at it again. Check out the latest Xen teaser on Youtube:

The Black Mesa Deathmatch Trailer Music (2016)

I've had a lot of requests for this, so here it is:

New Black Mesa Soundtrack piece (2016)

The new Surface Tension Uncut update contains a new song:

Music (2012)

Here is a fun little piece a friend and I threw together over the summer:

The old OAR track (2012)

Here is the old OAR track from the leaked gameplay video. (It is not on the official soundtrack.)

Black Mesa Trailer 2 (2008)

It's been a very busy last couple months, but finally our Black Mesa team has released a brand new trailer. I mixed together a new music track and a bunch of the ingame sound effects to give everyone a bit of a taste of what it will be like. Again, this trailer was filmed by Monkey Junkie (James McVinnie). You can check out a 720p version on youtube with the following link.

Being Human Theme (2007)

Some of you are aware that I did the audio for the short film 'Being Human' that was shown at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival a few weeks ago. The film is by the extremely talented Palermo brothers, at D-Vision Entertainment. I used a few variations of this song throughout the film and credits. You can view the movie on YouTube.

Black Mesa Teaser Trailer (2006)

The Black Mesa ModDB teaser trailer in all its high res glory. (The video was filmed and edited by James 'Monkey-Junkie' McVinnie, who is also a fellow Black Mesa developer.)

More Music. (2005-2007)

A few fun pieces I've thrown together with some friends in our spare time:

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