Awesomizer V3

Unlock/Purchase all 12 levels of awesome!
Can't afford higher levels right now? Buy the
ones you can, and upgrade later on.

New: Level 12 Ultra mode.
Can't think of that next killer hook?
You dont need to, the Awesomizer will now create
it for you!

New: Real-time live mode.
Tired of being outperformed by the opening band,
and can't afford the higher levels?
Awesomizer V3 adds the new De-Awesomization
effect, to allow the headliner to truly stand out.

Whether a struggling home producer, or rich
millionaire hit creating robot, there is
an Awesomizer pricing tier for you.


Level 0 and below
(de-awesomify only): $500
Level 1: $1000
Level 2: $2000
Level 3: $3000
Level 4: $4000
Level 5: $5000
Level 6: $6000

Level 7: $7000
Level 8: $8000
Level 9: $9000
Level 10: $10,000
Level 11: $11,000
Level 12: $100,000

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